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Jackfrahn has brought some good news to the Nolimits community. Tia has left hospital and is doing well; She also gave away the full version of the construction kit.

A message from Tia's daughter

Hello Jack,

I'm very pleased I found the correct person. My mom is doing well now, it has been a good 4 years give or take a couple months since she left hospital. We moved in with my father and nearly another 6 months and she had recovered. Most of my moms things remained packed in storage here in America. It was only about a year and half ago that we moved back for moms new job.

If you would like to post these, please do so. Also, please let everyone know that this is not a resurgence of my moms software. There are not going to be any updates, no new software, no changes to what is already there. And please do not give out my email, as I can not really answer questions about my moms products. Thanks!

With that, I am giving a free use license to "Construction Kit

Serial code

  • Nolimits Construction Kit: Commercial Use License
  • Name: No_Limits-Free@Construction.Kit
  • Code: m13959424-d11964450-QpmVtrT

Note that registration names and codes are "Case-Sensitive" and must be entered exactly as given. Also, the names and email addresses used to generate the "Free to Distribute" codes are fictional and in no way reflect a real person, address or website, but rather are designed to meet the requirements of the registration system within the software.