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Nolimits Coaster 1.8 Released

You didn't see this one coming did you? A new coaster (Zamperla Twister Coaster) style and a bug fix in this release. More details inside.

G-Force Lesson

Ever wondered if your ride pulled to many Gs? Don't trust the green/yellow/red scale? Our own BBSpeed26 has your answers, straight from the same engineering standards that the pros use.

The Construction Kit is Now Free

Jackfrahn has brought some good news to the Nolimits community. Tia has left hospital and is doing well; She also gave away the full version of the construction kit.

John Wardley Confirms New NL2 Feature

During the Alton Towers Th13teen launch event, John demonstrated a new and interesting concept to accurately recreate roller coasters. Get the scoop inside.

3 Blind Mice Results

All the entries have been finished and uploaded. Some of the most unique rides on this exchange have come out of this. Check them out.

Nolimits Coaster 2 Screenshots

The Nolimits Coaster team has posted an update on their website showing us the latest improvements to track rendering. Take a look inside.

3 Blind Mice

The 3 Blind Mice challenge is about to begin. Make sure you sign up for a chance to grab the top spot and win the coveted contest medal.

Intamin Style Rails

One of our members "A113" has created some great looking Intamin Style wooden roller coaster rails. Screenshot and download inside.

Newton 2

Exclusive to Nolimits-Exchange. Find the download and introductory tutorials in the news article.

Nolimits-Exchange Ratings Guide

If you need help when rating a ride then give our rating guide a read. Credits go to Ed Boxer for putting in the effort to draft this.