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We're working hard on new features here at Nolimits-Exchange. Here's a sneak preview of what's expected to come in the next few weeks. Mobile, Search Improvements and more ...

Mobile Website

This is something we've neglected for a long time, but we now see as a requirement for modern websites. The website will now be usable across all devices from smartphones, iPads and desktop computers.

You will be able to search your favourite, uploaded and downloaded files.

You could for example

  • Sort files you've downloaded by rating
  • Find all your favourite flying coasters
  • Find your most downloaded uploads

This will effectively deprecate the exchange area of the website.

Coming soon

We have a backlog of feature we'd like to release.

  • Add videos to your upload
  • Reworked rating system

The second point is for another blog post, but I'd like to hear your view points on how you think it can be done better. Let me know at