Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate ratio? #

The rate ratio displays the percentage of rides you have successfully rated. To continue downloading you will need to rate 20% of rides that you have downloaded. This ensures the people who upload their coasters get the feedback they need to improve their skills. If you have a hard time writing a good rating then please check out the Nolimits Exchange Ratings Guide.

How do I open nlpack files? #

You will need the Nolimits Track Packager (Windows & Mac).

Why can't I login to the forum using my website credentials? #

At the minute, the main website and forum are separate pieces of software. We hope to change this in the future, but for the time being you will have to register again if you want to use our message board.

How do I see a list of all the coasters I have downloaded? #

On the Exchange page, click the download log link (directly below the display of the last three coasters you downloaded). The Download Log will display the list of all the coasters you have downloaded. For each coaster on the list, the "Rated" column will display whether or not you have rated the coaster. The "Score" column displays the average of all scores each coaster has received from all raters.

I have submitted ratings for several coasters. Not all the ratings have been posted to the website. Why aren’t they posted? #

To date, almost 17522 ratings have been submitted. Over 6806 of those were rejected. Due to the sheer volume of rejected ratings, it is impossible to send a message for each rejected rating at this time.

There are a few reasons ratings are rejected:

  • The commentary did not meet our ratings criteria and was refuted. You need to address each of the rating score criteria in your comments. Short comments such as “Best Coaster Ever” or “I love this coaster – they should build it in real life” do not fulfill this requirement. In addition, comments should provide constructive feedback. Coaster developers can only grow if they know both the positives and negatives of their designs. Please review the Ratings Guide before posting additional ratings.
  • The rating commentary was copied from another member's commentary or the exact same commentary was submitted for several tracks.
  • The member submitted two or more ratings for the same track. Only one rating per member can be posted per track.
  • The commentary contained profanity. As this is an all-age site, all commentary must be G-rated.
  • Scores were not entered before the rating was submitted. As a result, the coaster scores were all zeros. The rating was disabled.