Zython a compact roller coaster that may be suitable to carnivals and funfairs. Experience fun drops and exciting thrills of it. This features ZERO inversions and great for family thrills.

NOTE: The textures are made using paint.net

Fonts used: Bloodthirsty Regular on the texture


Son Of Robotnik 10 months ago







I was half tempted not to rate this, purely because it'd make your ride the best this week by default. Ho hum. T - Appaling. There is no need to use a massive wooden-style support structure on a ride of this scale, much less the "single slope" style which uses monumental amounts of material. The supports also collide with each other, so you may want to consider learning how to make proper wooden supports if you want to retry this. Or, just use bog standard steel supports :P The forces also make this ride poor. This is largely related to the inexplicably fast and unrealistic chainlift used. Because it moves at 30kmph (!), the forces generated are very high, often peaking into the dangerous red zone. However, reducing the speed did not eliminate all force problems. The G combs show that the corners turned and hills traversed are very haphazard and adding to a rough and painful ride. Figure out how to use force vectors - there are plenty of these linked to on the NLE forum, or there's one built into the Editor. A - When you're not suffering from g-LOC, the ride is just about bearable. It's nothing to write home about, though. I don't know what it is, but everything just felt "meh" about it. It wasn't boring, but it didn't get me in the same way as something bigger. O - There has been a reduction in the number of family coasters as of late. It's good to see someone put one out once in a while to contrast the vast swathes of larger rides. With a bit of work and some practise, you could wind up as a NL great. Just slow down and focus on getting your curves, hills and transitions smoothed out and I envisage great things for you.


4.00 / 10

Gerstlauer Bobsled
Author: gabriel567ist
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