Zornes 2.0

A Launch Coaster


Son Of Robotnik 10 months ago







T - Not bad, but there is definitely room for improvement. Firstly, the forces through the tunnel are rather high. Not painfully so, but it wouldn't be nice going through it if you know what I mean. Secondly, the ride's operations are really inefficient. The ride starts with three vehicles on it, when it only needs two. I can see you've provided storage for three - maybe if you do a v3, stick the third vehicle in there? Thirdly, the scenery. I know it's optional, but if you've started with it, don't half-ass it and leave bits with a view of the barren landscape beyond. Also, the paths around the back to the ride's entrance don't seem to line up and it is possible to see through to the grass. The supports also seem to go through the building and end in the usual way. Could you use custom supports and run them into the walls? A - Very well done. The only way I can fault you is those high Gs mentioned above O - This is a remake of a previous ride, but the theming is still good.

I Like Theme Parks. 10 months ago







This coaster has a good layout and shows some potential, but it needs a lot of work. The banking doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Most of it is more banked than it's supposed to be, and there are a lot of unusual transitions. But the track is pretty smooth otherwise. The supports also need some more customization and a lot of modifications to be more realistic. Also, it's good that you added some scenery, but it's pretty dull and awkward. I would rather just have no theme at all at that point. The near-misses are decent, though. Again, there is a lot of potential, but many improvements should be made.


6.57 / 10

Intamin Rocket
Author: Micha
Uploaded: 10 months ago
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