Zen - Intamin Semi-Shuttle

Find your inner peace. Zen is an Intamin Semi-Shuttle that flies through a valley filled with cherry blossoms. I had a lot of fun with making this ride, from terraforming to scenery to supports. This ride was made for Roundup 150, and you can see the video here: https://youtu.be/A660FBtJExo This my first upload to the Exchange. Stats and stuff: 230.4 feet tall 4638.021 feet long Top speed: 83 mph Skybox from Dave's Skyboxes Foliage from nSeven I would also like to thank MrRC who helped me with the semi-shuttle "script". The ride would not have been nearly as realistic without it. Quick note: This ride has a lot of scenery (9419 pieces to be exact), so your computer's performance will be impacted. I apologize in advance. Hope you enjoy!


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Schwarzkopf Thriller (Classic)
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