Zen - Intamin Semi-Shuttle

Find your inner peace. Zen is an Intamin Semi-Shuttle that flies through a valley filled with cherry blossoms. I had a lot of fun with making this ride, from terraforming to scenery to supports. This ride was made for Roundup 150, and you can see the video here: https://youtu.be/A660FBtJExo This my first upload to the Exchange. Stats and stuff: 230.4 feet tall 4638.021 feet long Top speed: 83 mph Skybox from Dave's Skyboxes Foliage from nSeven I would also like to thank MrRC who helped me with the semi-shuttle "script". The ride would not have been nearly as realistic without it. Quick note: This ride has a lot of scenery (9419 pieces to be exact), so your computer's performance will be impacted. I apologize in advance. Hope you enjoy!


oilpony 6 months ago







I love this one!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one beautiful, special and FUN little gem of a ride!!!!! I love the scenery, the use of the landscape and flow of the entire ride really does make it so Zen!!! I would love to sit on this one for hours! Super smooth, lovely drops (very fun, powerful but not intense), this would be the one to put on for friends who get a little VR sensitive--it's super friendly, great as a demo too. And I just love that sneaky start!!!!!


8.67 / 10

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