Total Chaos

This is my first coaster using just the tools offered in the simulator. External tools such as Newton 2 were not used in the creation. I used a 3d modling program called Google Sketch Up Pro. Total Chaos was inspired by a coaster located in China called Soaring With Dragon which was also manufactured by Intamin. However, at the moment I can only 1 one train using manual Block mode in order for the train to get back to its original position. The coaster is ran in full circuit mode however due to my lack of knowledge in scripting I wasn't able to script the ride to act in resemblance of the soaring with dragon coaster. However it can work with one train running.

Max Height: 79m Max Length (W/O Storage): 1481m


masterofcode101 1 month ago







I really like the design, and the scenery is quite impressive for sketch up. I had a coaster design that was like this in the way that I wanted to make the train switch back onto the launch track. But the scripting in this game is kinda weird and I haven't experimented with it much other than taking pre-made scripts and modifying them. so aside from the scripting issue nice job.


9.67 / 10

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