The Blue Twister

This crazy blue coaster has tons of twists, loops and one very fast launch.


tim_rjones 4 months ago







I think this is one of the most horrible roller coasters I have even seen. There are enough G-Forces on this ride to make a fighter jet pilot feel like he is in a health spa when he's flying at mach 3! Totally unrealistic, supports are barely even there and the ones you have put in get in the way of the track sometimes. I don't think you have used the bank tool on any of the corners, and i'm not even going to talk about the random brake runs (which do nothing to slow the train). One thing I will also mention is that it often helps if the loop is bigger than the train as part of me thinks that it wouldn't make it round it in real life, although that is only my gut feeling. I want to say "good effort" but I don't even think it unfortunately. I'd watch a few tutorials, look at some real coasters and then maybe try again; unless you were trying to make the worst coaster ever, if so, well done!


0.17 / 10

Schwarzkopf Looping Star (Modern)
Author: Gman59
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