Raven - B&M Floorless

Welcome to my very first B&M Floorless coaster in NL2! Raven is a Floorless Coaster which stands at a height of 126ft and a length of 3435ft! Now, because this is my first floorless, there are some noteable things that might not be 100% accurate: Shaping isn't perfect and the Inversions aren't as whippy as they could be, but aside from that, I have recently learned a new smoothing technique to create really smooth inversions, drops and turns and I used it on Raven and it turned out pretty smooth! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this B&M floorless and it's forest setting! As usual you can find a video about Raven on Youtube through my channel, ThemeParkWirral and also a seperate download link on the Steam Workshop! Thanks and Enjoy!


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B&M Floorless
Author: ThemeParkWirral
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