it is my first indoor rollercoaster it is themed to the aztec,


tim_rjones 4 months ago







I went into this coaster with high expectations and if im honest, was a little disappointed. Its a lot different to what I expected. Technically, we'll start with the scenery. You have made a good effort and its just a shame the rendering on the inside isn't as good as the outside, although I did like the small bits of scenery inside. I was also expecting the building to be a lot smaller as it didn't feel like an "indoor" coaster due to how much space there was inside. Had it been more intimate then it would have been a lot better. Also, the steps down were borderline dangerous, but I'll let that slide! The ride itself was okay. I liked some of the elements and the design was nice. Just some supports could of done with some work as the edge seats often struck a few. I felt like the idea was fairly original and if I was you I would consider remaking this coaster on a smaller scale as the idea is nice and you have already done a lot of work on this, I just personally feel like it has quite a way to go yet.


6.83 / 10

B&M Diving
Author: JeffreyCoasterCreations (JCC)
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