This ride was mainly inspired by Mako at Sea World.

I wanted to have a go at making a B&M Hyper that kind of broke the norm in terms of layout (by that I mean something other than the standard L shaped layout). The ride was originally going to have a more Y shaped layout and it was going to branch off to the other side of the lift after the MCBR, but I eventually went with what's here as I liked how it looked weaving in and out underneath the first half of the ride.

Ignore the large empty patch of grass next to the ride, that's intended for a ride that is not yet finished.


TheCoasterAce 8 months ago







I liked that it had the feeling of a classic B&M hyper, while combining some of the more modern elements found on Mako, Fury, and Leviathan. My only real issue is that B&M hypers are usually high off the ground for the most part, and after the MCBR, it felt a little too terrain-y. Technical wise, it was realistic, smooth, and maintained sustainable forces. Personally, to me, B&M coasters are somewhat relaxing, so I gave the adrenaline an 8. Like I said before, I liked the combination of classic and modern hyper coaster styles, so I gave you an 8.5 for originality. Hypers are one of my favorite B&M models, so I'm glad to see you make one again.


8.67 / 10

B&M Hyper
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