Glacier Mountains

Hi guys, long time no see. This park is a project I’ve been working on FOREVER because I get busier and busier each year, leaving me less time to sit down and just make a roller coaster. Glacier Mountains has 7 roller coasters, most of which are woven throughout the mountainous terrain and thick forests of the park. Short descriptions of each coaster are below.

Speedy Rails - The first of many unoriginal names, this classic woody is an old fashioned out and back coaster and the oldest in the park.

Fireball - Another poorly named attraction, this arrow dynamics coaster goes behind a small mountain for the majority of the ride. It was the second coaster built in the park and has 4 inversions: 2 loops and 2 corkscrews.

Whiplash - This one is a fun spinning coaster in a compact space. That’s pretty much everything about it.

The Green Machine - This all green ride sounds a lot more exciting than it actually is: it’s just an inverted Vekoma Boomerang.

Avalanche! – I was surprisingly proud of the name of this B&M Dive Coaster, as its layout somewhat fits the name. It drops over the edge of a cliff/very steep hill like an avalanche, reaching speeds of 80mph: the fastest (and longest and tallest) dive coaster in the world (I didn’t fact check any of this so don’t judge me if I’m wrong). The layout is also very unique in general.

Tiny Titan – Small kiddie coaster next to Avalanche!

El Condor – I use this name on at least half of all of the flying coasters I make, but I think this is the best “El Condor” yet…. Hopefully you do too. It’s a terrain coaster that swoops down a small mountain (or large hill whatever floats your boat) and into the nearby forest where a surprise pretzel loop appears.

If you’re still reading this 1) Thank you it took like a whole 20 minutes to write this and 2) there are a few disclaimers/warnings!!!!!!!!!!

  1. There will be a warning message about a storage track on Avalanche! as soon as the first train gets to the top of the lift hill and I have no idea how to stop it from popping up. Just click the X and pretend it never happened.

  2. With the scenery included, the park may be very laggy for you. If you can’t stand it then download the boring no scenery version.

  3. I’m bad with custom scenery stuff so there’s no cool queues or any signs… it’s about as basic as you can get.

  4. I have no idea why but yes the ride Avalanche! is supposed to have an exclamation point after it.

  5. Fireball was created before I didn't suck at making roller coasters. Be prepared.

I think that’s it. Thanks and ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY:)))))))))))


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Speedy Rails is a simple but fun wooden coaster that uses the setting well. Fireball is actually a really good ride. It has the shaping of an Arrow coaster, where it's jerky, but not overly-painful or anything. The layout is also unique for a coaster like that. Whiplash has a great layout, but some of the turns are a bit too jerky. Green Machine is a decent re-creation. The forces are a little bit strong for an inverted boomerang, but still realistic. Avalanche! is a very unique coaster because of the two lift hills, and the rest of it is still great. The lateral forces are unrealistic at some points, but not bad. Tiny Titan is a really fun and twisty wooden junior coaster. El Condor isn't perfectly built, but it's a lot of fun. Something with the scenery that I would like to see is more terrain painting, since that really enhances mountain parks.


7.67 / 10

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