FamilyFun V.3.0


Welcome to FamilyFun! We have something for the whole family. Ride some of our coasters or ride one of our family rides. Are you a thrillseeker? No problem, we have 3 coasters that go upside down and we have a Tourbillon, a brand new ride type with an experience like never before.



Serpent: Built-In-House kiddy

Killer Whale: Built-In-House Single Looping

Sea Serpent: PAX Loop Custom

Thunder Shark: Gerstlauer Family

FamilyFlyer: Vekoma Family Inverted

Sea Monster: Intamin Accelerator

Butterfly: Sunkid Heege Butterfly

Water Rides:

Splash River Falls: Built-in-House Splashride

Thrill rides:

Black Widow: Zierer Starshape

GaleForce: Gerstlauer Sky Fly

Triple Towers: Intamin Droptower & Rotodrop, S&S Launched Free Fall

Tsunami: ABC Rides Tourbillon

SandSpinner: Moser Rides GyroLoop

Round Up: HUSS UFO

SkyScraper: Gravity Works Skyscraper

Flying Ships: Chance Rides Double Inverter

Enterprise: HUSS Enterprise

Loch Ness Loop: Larson Superloop

Giant Swinging Disc: HUSS Giant Frisbee

Family Rides:

Skywhirl: Skywhirl

Pirate Ship: HUSS Swinging Boat

WaveBreaker: Swing Around

SandStormer: Built-In-House Scrambler

Surf Twister: Zamperla Disk’O

Circus Mouses: Built-In-House Waltzer

Octo: Schwarzkopf Monster

SeaHawk: HUSS Troika

CoffeeCups: MACK Rides Tea Cups

Big Wheel: Intamin Giant Wheel

Observation Tower: Von Roll

Turnstiles, fountain, music script, splash script, Butterfly & Gyroloop: Bestdani

Most flatrides: NoLimits2Advanced (NL2A)

Music: RCT1 & RCT3



Davidsamrider51 6 months ago







Well, I must say that this is by far the most comprehensive and complex park type upload I have seen do far in terms of the shear number of rides here. One could literally play with this one upload for hours, which I guess was the intent. There's almost TOO much stuff here; it's bogging down a bit even my coreI7-based machine. And that's with fairly stark scenery, too. As far as the coasters go, they are pretty good, even if not best-in-the-world type. Lots of fun! Thanks for uploading.


9.00 / 10

Gerstlauer Bobsled
Author: RCT3andNL2stuff
Uploaded: 6 months ago
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