Air Rush

I just realized that I used the wrong picture on the loading screen picture so just don't look at that. Air Rush is a idea I had that was to combine a wonderful top hat with more elements, then air rush was Born. I know it really sucks but at least I tried. I may want to fix and re-upload this but at a later time. I hope you like it. (PS, I know its kind of short so I'm working on adding some more elements like a drop section.


I Like Theme Parks. 7 months ago







This is a really great concept. It's forceful, the inversions are good, and the top hat and airtime hill have excellent airtime! The track is very smooth, and the only really jerky parts are the transitions at the beginning and end of the launch. The layout is really creative and original as well, and even though it's short it has quite a bit of variety. Even if it could use a little bit of work, it's really good.


8.00 / 10

Intamin Rocket
Author: owen12345
Uploaded: 7 months ago
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